Providing our clients with a thorough and experienced approach with the human touch

Our audit department relies on experience when it comes to supporting all the stages of your company’s life.

Our areas of expertise bring together:

  • Legal and statutory auditing
  • Contractual auditing
  • Appraisal of contributions and special benefits
  • Merger auditing
  • Conversion auditing
  • Additional work of the auditor: capital operations, the issue of securities…
  • Additional services: statements, technical consultation, limited reviews, specific audits (acquisition), agreed upon procedures…


  • The guarantee of high quality, reliable financial information concerning the demands of market regulations and the economic and financial environment;
  • The transparency and independence of a high-quality audit;
  • Close relations with audit teams to ensure constant communication, greater flexibility as well as rapid and relevant responses in a complex and continuously evolving environment.
  • Staff and partners  investment for the creation of added value which is enhanced and tailored to your environment.


A relevant audit approach

Staff at CBP Audit & Associés bring the benefits of extensive experience at international auditing firms enabling them the apply methods that are both thorough and tailored to their clients’ specific environments.

Concrete technical expertise

Perfect knowledge of French regulations and the IFRS put into practice on a daily basis for our listed corporate clients and international SMEs;

Multi-disciplinary skills (company and asset evaluation, procedural analysis…) enabling and the ability to integrate these techniques into the audit process (impairment tests, internal control…).

A firm with the human touch

Particular attention is paid to the importance of regular exchange between staff members and management allowing for effective anticipation of accounting and financial difficulties;

A team with around ten collaborators enabling exchange and faster more efficient service.

Investment in every collaborator leading to proactivity, added value as well as specific and relevant support;

Strict rules on independence within our firm.

Our clients are listed companies, SMEs with an international scope or regional SMEs involved in a range of activities:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metal Industry
  • Information Technology/ Telecommunications
  • Agri-food
  • Logistics/ Distribution
  • Automobile expertise
  • Insurance brokers