Our desire

To provide you with access to practical solutions at the key stages in the life of your company.

When can we become involved?

An external growth operation: any external growth operation is a key moment and has significant consequences on a company’s life.

We carry out financial investigations of the target company in order to help you evaluate the benefit of the operation by measuring the recurring profitability of the target company, its actual level of debts and by identifying the accounting and financial risks.

The development of your business and your need for structure: a change of size requires reinforcement of project management systems, the implementation of tailored reporting and the strengthening of control systems.

We support you throughout the implementation of this reporting by working with you on its design in order to reflect your needs and by offering strengthened internal control procedures through the choice of the most suitable procedures (drafting of a procedures manual). We can also validate procedural compliance through periodic testing.

The obligation to adhere to new accounting rules: accounting rules evolve and you could be obliged to adhere to new rules, to communicate within another accounting framework or even prepare consolidated accounts.

We can assist you to convert to a new accounting environment (IFRS, US GAAP…), to implement consolidation rules and procedures or prepare these consolidated accounts on your behalf.

The need to evaluate a company and/ or certain assets: A company or asset evaluation could be required for communication purposes regarding securities or when a transaction is carried out.

In order to perform this evaluation, we rely on recognised methods and techniques and prepare formal reports which can be communicated to financiers or third parties.

Where financial restructuring operations are concerned, we are able to offer you support across all aspects of the process (financial diagnostics, assistance in the context of an ad hoc mandate…).

Why choose us?

We are a firm made up of qualified professionals with experience in the fields of transactions, the strengthening of accounting organisations and company evaluations.

We make a personal commitment to the achievement of the results that you expect and carry out the work involved in close collaboration with you. Our aim is to work as a team in order to develop practical, bespoke solutions, which truly address your priorities.

We go above and beyond the simple implementation of a solution, integrating your needs and focussing on the expectations of your partners. The presentation of our solutions and recommendations reflects the evolution and perception of third parties in order to provide you with the most suitable elements.